Microsoft’s Climatology app now in the Windows Phone Store

Our readers can lower their pitchforks, as Microsoft Research has not in fact forgotten Windows Phone.

After causing a brouhaha by releasing the app for Android first (and apparently only) the company has now also dropped the app in the Windows Phone Store.

imageThe Climatology app gives you climate information for anywhere on Earth: temperature, rain and sunniness. Whether finding where are the warm, dry places to go on holiday in December, or avoiding rain for your wedding, to finding out what the climate is like in Kazakhstan in April, Climatology allows you to discover the information you want.

The useful app is a free download here.

I suspect the real message is not that Microsoft is forgetting their own platform, but even more under their new chief, they are even less inclined to play favourites with their own OS, which of course comes across as rather insensitive to their loyal supporters. Of course with an attitude like that they better work pretty hard at making Windows Phone compelling, else even their loyal supporters will stop favouring Microsoft products also.

Thanks Loïc for the tip.