Microsoft’s built-in Paid Wi-Fi network app updated

Microsoft WiFi

Windows 10 includes a bundled Wi-Fi roaming app called Paid Wi-Fi & Cellular that is designed to let users easily connect to paid wi-fi hot spots around the world.

The service is basically Skype WiFi integrated into Windows 10 with new branding and has coverage at over 10 million hotspots across 130 countries, including airports, hotels, restaurants, and other public spaces. Microsoft WiFi will be an added benefit to office 365 Enterprise, so organizations can keep employees connected and productive wherever they are in the world.

How it works in Windows 10?

  • When you try to find a WiFi hotspot on your Windows 10 PC, you will be provided with option to buy WiFi from Windows Store.
  • You can pay for Microsoft WiFi according to the usage time.

Microsoft WiFi

The update comes without a changelog, and the app lacks one important feature – a map of the location of Microsoft Wi-Fi access points in the area, which makes it difficult to know how wide spread and available the service is in your local area or destination.

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Microsoft WLAN
Microsoft WLAN
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