Microsoft’s 3D capture app for mobile devices is not coming anytime soon

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At the Windows 10 Event last year, Microsoft demoed a new camera app that allows users to create 3D content by scanning real-world objects. The created 3D content can be then used in the new Paint 3D app. They demoed this upcoming app on the HP Elite x3 device. Microsoft at that time said that this app will be available soon on Windows 10 Mobile devices, and will also be coming to iOS and Android in the future. Microsoft today officially announced that Windows 10 Creators Update is releasing next month on April 11 and there was no information regarding this app. We reached out to Microsoft to know about this 3D capture app’s availability and got the following response.

The capability to capture objects from your world in 3D using the camera on your phone is not one of our Creators Update features. As we shared in October, we envision the functionality being available across platforms, and we’re working to bring to mobile devices in the future.

Just keep in mind that this app is still coming as promised by Microsoft, but there is no definite release date as of yet.

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