Microsoft Xbox Team Working On A Groundbreaking Interactive Reading App On Windows

A new Microsoft career listing for the job of Software Development Engineer on the Music, Video, Reading (MVR) team has revealed that Microsoft is working on a groundbreaking Reading app for Windows devices. This is also a category where Microsoft jumped in before anyone else, but left the market after years. Microsoft Reader is a Microsoft program for the reading of e-books, originally released in August 2000. Soon, we may see Microsoft entering this e-books market again. Microsoft also has an investment in Barnes and Noble which they can use for securing content for their reading platform.

The Music, Video, and Reading team has been brought together in Devices & Studios (DnS) as THE Microsoft team laser-focused to deliver the next generation of media content experiences across devices powered by the services and magic of Xbox LIVE.

Our Mission:

We will build amazing experiences that consumers and partners love and are proud to show their friends. These products will be effortless, intuitive and delightful. We will have laser focus on our customers’ needs, and our customers will be able to enjoy and share their media the way they want, seamlessly across the TV, Mobile and PC screens with a consistent family feel.

As an SDE, you will be on the team building a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics.

Source: Microsoft Careers via: Liveside,