Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X|S consoles will remain region free


5, 2020

Microsoft has confirmed that the next-gen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles will remain region free for all games. 

With certain games releasing sooner in some countries than others of even exclusively across different parts of the world, Microsoft will be keeping the region free support for Xbox consoles this holiday.

Reported by website Meristation, it was conformed that disc-based media will be playable on all Xbox Series X consoles whilst Xbox Series S users can change their console region to purchase digital games from other countries.

While the Original Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles were region locked to specific parts of the world – causing those who wanted to play region specific games to buy a region specific console – the Xbox One saw the company allow gamers to play content from wherever they like.

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PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles are also not region specific. However, there’s no word on PlayStation 5.

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