Microsoft working on project “CorePC” to modernize Windows platform

March 28, 2023
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Microsoft is reportedly working on a new project called “CorePC” to modernize the Windows platform. The core idea of the project is to make the OS modular and more customizable so that it can run on different form factors without making legacy components mandatory for all. For example, form factors that do not require support for native compatibility for legacy Win32 applications will not have it.

CorePC is not entirely new. Microsoft attempted to make Windows modular and more customizable with “Windows Core OS” before but failed back then. In a way, Microsoft is reviving the same old idea.

According to sources close to Windows Central, CorePC is “state separated,” meaning it will be installed into multiple partitions, like Android and iPadOS. This will enable faster OS updates. The fact that it will be “state separated” will also ensure a more reliable system.

If it is materialized, CorePC will finally allow Windows OEMs to make PCs that compete with Chromebook. It will be possible to make PCs that only run Edge, web apps, Android apps, and Office apps. The software giant is also said to be working on working on a compatibility layer codenamed “Neon” to enable support for legacy apps.

The sources also reveal that another version of “CorePC” will be “silicon-optimized” and will have AI capabilities. It will be capable of analyzing content on display and providing you suggestions on what you can do next. However, in order for some of the AI features to function, dedicated hardware is needed.

Microsoft has not finalized when it wants to bring the CorePC to the public, though sources say the company is aiming to make it ready for primetime in 2024.

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