Microsoft and Workday announce new partnership involving Azure and Teams

May 28, 2020

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Microsoft Workday

Microsoft and Workday today announced a new partnership that will enable enterprise customers to simplify everyday tasks, improve collaboration and productivity. This new partnership includes the following three things.

  • Workday Adaptive Planning will be available on Azure in 2021. Workday Adaptive Planning brings a modern planning, analytics and reporting solution at scale to the Azure cloud. This allows enterprise customers to use Workday Adaptive Planning without any scaling issues.
  • Microsoft Teams integration with Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) allows enterprise users to easily access day-to-day tasks such as submitting expenses, providing feedback, or requesting time off, all without having to leave Teams. This new Workday integration in Teams is available now.
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory integrations with Workday applications enable customers to access enterprise data and applications easily and securely through single sign-on.  Microsoft Azure Active Directory integrations with Workday will be available in 2021.

“Now, more than ever, planning takes center stage as companies return to the workplace, rebuild supply chains, and in some cases reimagine their businesses in our rapidly changing world,” said Tom Bogan, vice chairman of Workday. “With cloud planning at scale and even tighter integration to help customers collaborate, this partnership underscores what Workday was built for — to help customers unlock potential in their people and the business even in the most dynamic environments.”

“At Microsoft, we’re hyper-focused on continually innovating new ways to empower every person and organization around the world with the tools and insights they need to securely drive productivity and business performance,” said Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president of One Commercial Partner, Microsoft. “In partnership with Workday, we’ll deliver new solutions that connect the people and financial insights of Workday to the cloud productivity of Microsoft Teams and cloud platform of Azure, so our joint customers can do more.”

Source: Microsoft

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