Microsoft Word Rewrite can now offer sentence-level writing suggestions

April 19, 2020

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During Build 2019 last year, Microsoft first announced the Rewrite feature in Microsoft Word. Rewrite feature allowed users to quickly find alternative expressions for phrases in their writing. Recently, Microsoft updated this Rewrite feature to make it even more useful. In addition to phrasal suggestions, Rewrite feature now offers sentence-level writing suggestions.

This feature was made possible by Microsoft’s cutting-edge, neural-network, machine learning models, which are trained on millions of sentences.

Rewrite feature will provide the following types of suggestions:

  • Improves fluency: These suggestions aim to improve the flow of the wording, including mechanics like grammar and spelling.
  • Concise phrasing: The goal of these suggestions is to express an idea clearly, without extra words.
    Paraphrased sentence: These suggestions offer synonyms for alternative wording.
  • Improves readability: The goal of these suggestions is to make the writing easier to read for people with different reading abilities. In general, suggestions will include shorter, simpler wording.


The updated Rewrite feature is now available for Word on the web users with Microsoft 365 (or Office 365) subscription. For now, only English language is supported in this feature.

Source: Microsoft

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