Microsoft now allows you to transform Word documents into PowerPoint presentations

February 24, 2021
Microsoft PowerPoint Designer

Microsoft PowerPoint Designer

Microsoft today announced a new feature in Word that will allow you to transform Word documents into PowerPoint presentations. This feature is now available in Word for the web First Release usersWhen you use the new Transform feature, Word will create a presentation based on all the summarized sections of the document. It will also add imagery, icons, videos, themes, and fonts using AI. 

Here’s how you can use this feature:

  1. Open any document you want to convert into a presentation in Word for the web. 
  2. Click File > Transform > Transform to PowerPoint presentation. 
  3. When promptedchoose a design theme for your presentation. 
  4. Click Open presentation to review the results in PowerPoint for the web. 
  5. The presentation will be created in the OneDrive root folder of the user who used this option. 

This feature will work only for English language Word documents for now.

Source: Microsoft

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