Microsoft won’t be bringing Reading List to Chromium Edge

by Anmol
April 22, 2020
Microsoft Edge

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Back in December 2018, Microsoft announced its intention to develop a new version of Edge browser based on the Chromium open-source project. The company has since worked hard to move the features of the Legacy Edge Browser to Chromium Edge. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the general availability of the new Edge, effectively replacing the old Edge browser. However, the company will not be carrying some of the features that were available to the Legacy Edge users.

In a new blog post (via Techdows) on Tech Community, the Chromium Edge team confirmed that it will not be adding Reading List to the new Edge browser. The company said that the lack of features and less usage were some of the reasons why the feature won’t be making its way to the new Edge browser. However, the Chromium Edge team might be working on improving the feature and adding it later as they said, “With the next version of Microsoft Edge, we want to ensure we’re building something our customers will love. So, we aren’t shipping reading list immediately in the new Microsoft Edge. We’re going to take our time to ensure we get this right”

In the meantime, Microsoft has shared some alternatives to the Reading List. The company recently released the Collections feature for Chromium Edge which is similar to the Reading List. Alternatively, you can use 3rd party extensions such as Pocket.

If you have been using Reading List and migrated to Chromium Edge then you can head to Settings and more –> Favorites –> Other favorites –> Reading list to access your Reading List data.

We wanted to thank everyone again for their feedback around Reading Lists. We have internally acknowledged that Reading List as a feature was not able to meet the needs of our users. While we do have some very passionate users of this feature, the truth is that it wasn’t used much in Legacy Edge. With these things in mind, we have decided to not implement this feature into chromium-based Edge.

For alternatives, we still believe that the ones mentioned in the original post are what will work best for users. Collections have had several new features implemented recently, and we encourage you to give them a try. If you’re curious as to where your Reading Lists went when you updated to new Edge, they should be located in your Favorites under the Other favorites folder listed as Reading List.

While we are not going to bring this feature to new Edge, we are always listening and making choices based on all your feedback. Please continue to send in the feedback about what you would love to see or what you think is missing!


The Microsoft Edge Team

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