Microsoft stops selling Wireless Display Adapter accessory

September 7, 2023
Microsoft wireless display adapter

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We already know that Microsoft is exiting the accessory business, discontinuing its Microsoft-branded mice, keyboards, and webcams in favor of Surface accessories. The move also affects the Wireless Display Adapters, which allowed users to mirror their devices’ screens to HDMI displays.

The Wireless Display Adapters were first launched in 2014 and offered a simple way to connect Miracast-compatible devices to HDTVs or monitors. Users just had to plug the USB and HDMI ends of the adapter into their display, connect their device to the adapter, and then mirror or extend their small screen onto the big one. In 2020, Microsoft introduced a 4K version of the Wireless Display Adapter.

However, both models of the Wireless Display Adapter are now out of stock at the Microsoft Store and it seems that Microsoft has no intention of bringing them back. When asked about the possibility of relaunching them under the Surface brand, a Microsoft spokesperson said: “Microsoft does not comment on future product roadmaps.”

The decision to phase out the Wireless Display Adapters comes after Microsoft announced earlier this year that it had changed its “hardware portfolio” amid 10,000 job cuts. The company said it would focus its Windows PC accessories portfolio only under the Surface brand, which includes mice, keyboards, pens, docks, adaptive accessories, and more. Existing Microsoft-branded PC accessories will continue to be sold in existing markets while supplies last.

Microsoft-branded accessories date back decades, so it’s quite a move to see Microsoft shift away from them. It’s unclear if Microsoft will introduce more budget-friendly options under the Surface brand or shift entirely to more premium accessories.

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