Microsoft releases Windows Holographic version 21H2 with a brand new feature for HoloLens 2

October 12, 2021
Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft today announced the release of Windows Holographic, version 21H2. This new update brings a brand new feature for HoloLens 2. The new feature called Moving Platform Mode enables tracking on low-dynamic motion moving platforms. With this feature, you will be able to use HoloLens 2 in large ships and large marine vessels where it was previously inaccessible. You can learn about how to enable the Moving Platform Mode here.

What’s new in Windows Holographic, version 21H2:

  • Introduces Moving Platform Mode beta, which when configured, enables the use of HoloLens 2 on large marine vessels experiencing low-dynamic motion. Moving platform more is a new innovative feature which allows HoloLens 2 to be used in large environments with low dynamic movement, such as large marine vessels. This opens up brand new areas for HoloLens to be used in. We’re excited to create this new feature for HoloLens and look forward to future work to expand it’s capabilities!
  • PFX file support for Certificate Manager – Add PFX certs via Settings UI. With the addition of PFX files for Certificate Manager, customers now have more flexibility and control over the certificates they can add to their devices manually.
  • View advanced diagnostic report in Settings on HoloLens – View MDM diagnostic logs on the device.
    We’ve made a simplified troubleshooting flow that allows for a user wearing the device to be able to view the MDM logs on the device. No longer needing to transfer logs to a near by PC, you can see what configurations have been deployed to the device and other valuable information.
  • Offline Diagnostics notifications – Audiovisual feedback for log collection. We’ve added new audiovisual feedback when gathering offline diagnostics. This helps the person gathering logs to know that their button combination pressed has done something. Also you don’t need to wait for a temporary file to clean itself up to know it’s completed, because you’ll receive a lovely toast notification on the device to let you know.
  • Low storage log collection improvements – Improvements to log collection scenarios during low storage situations.
    To ensure that you can always collect logs, in low storage situations the device will clean up older logs and make space so you can always collect logs to troubleshoot.CSP changes for reporting HoloLens details – New CSPs to query data.
    Using MDM and need to know if your devices are running low on space, or want to know which networks they are connected to? Try out these new CSPs to check.

    Improved update restart detection and notifications – New enabled policies and UX for updates.
    For better control over when your devices restart, use these new update policies to have better control. Users on the device will have notice of when the device is required to restart.

    Smart Retry for app updates – Allows IT Admins to scheduled retries to update apps.
    Sometimes things don’t go as planned the first time. If your app failed to download due to a spotty network or someone turned off the device before the download finished, you can configure this smart retry policy to attempt again based on your needs, like a specific time of day or sign in.

    Use only private store apps only for Microsoft Store – Configure the store app to show only apps from an organization.
    Do you use Microsoft Store for Business? Want your employees to be able to access your apps, but also want to make sure they aren’t playing RoboRaid? Use this policy to limit the store to only show your company apps.

    Use WDAC and LOB apps – This allows IT Admins to use their own apps and still use WDAC to block other apps.
    Need to deploy your own apps, but block another? Now you can do that. You can add an additional line of policy around your own app to allow it in WDAC configurations so you can have more control of what’s available to use on your HoloLens devices.

Source: Microsoft

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