Microsoft getting ready to test Fluent Design rounded corners with Windows 10 Insiders

Microsoft is currently in the process of updating the Windows 10 UI as part of their ‘Sun Valley’ update, which is expected to hit PCs at the end of this year.

The update will bring over a number of improvements from Windows 10X, including more rounded corners fro the currently very sharp Modern UI of Windows 10.

WindowsLatest reports that Microsoft has started to roll out a flag called “RoundedWindowCornersPrototype” which when activated is expected to bring the more rounded UI to the Modern parts of the Windows 10 UI.

rounded corners

Apps which will benefit include the Start Menu, inbox apps, Action Center, Settings app, and other modern areas.

The update will ironically modernize the Windows 10 UI, making it somewhat more MacOS-like.

We have already seen other improvements come to Windows 10, including new Fluent Design icons and the removal of icon backgrounds from the Start Menu.

Microsoft will presumably flip the switch on the new flag for some users in upcoming builds in the near future, and if successful roll it out to Windows 10 users at the end of the year.

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