Microsoft Will Support EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework To Protect Customer Privacy


11, 2016


John Frank, Vice President EU Government Affairs at Microsoft today wrote a blog post about where Microsoft stands in the ongoing discussions about the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield – the framework which will replace the Safe Harbor agreement that governed data transmission between Europe and the United States. He metioned that Microsoft has reviewed the Privacy Shield documentation in detail, and they believe wholeheartedly that it represents an effective framework and should be approved. This new framework ensures key protections of EU citizens continue when their data is transferred to the United States.

We also recognize that the effectiveness of the Privacy Shield will turn in part on the responsible steps taken by companies to abide by it. For our part, I’m pleased to announce today that Microsoft pledges to sign up for the Privacy Shield, and we will put in place new commitments to advance privacy as this instrument is implemented.

We appreciate that the Privacy Shield creates alternative approaches for addressing and resolving disputes, recognizing that the thousands of companies and organizations that will depend on it are at different stages of maturity, growth, and physical presence in Europe. Part of Microsoft’s commitment, as the Privacy Shield envisions, will be to respond promptly to any individual complaints we receive. Specifically, we’ll do this within 45 days. In addition, Microsoft will commit to cooperate with EU national Data Protection Authorities and comply with their advice as regards any disputes under the Privacy Shield. For Microsoft, which has had a subsidiary and employees present in virtually every EU country for over two decades and which have cooperated with Data Protection Agencies for almost 15 years under the Safe Harbor rules, we believe it makes the most sense for us to continue with this approach and submit disputes to the DPAs under the Privacy Shield.

Read his full blog post here.

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