Microsoft will soon let you create your own chatbot using ChatGPT tech – report

February 8, 2023

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Soon, huge companies will also be able to release their own chatbots using ChatGPT technology. According to CNBC’s source, Microsoft is planning to release the technology later this year.

ChatGPT is the talk of the town now. Microsoft wants to expand this chatbot fame by allowing companies to produce their own using OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Aside from companies, schools and governments will also be able to use the technology to create their own chatbots. This will be through software that Microsoft plans to release, and this should soon produce custom versions of ChatGPT. Even more, chatbot creators will be allowed to remove the branding of Microsoft and OpenAI once they release their own versions developed with the software.

The person familiar with the matter shared with CNBC that chatbot creation is not the plan’s sole purpose. As it turns out, Microsoft also wants to use the new technology to aid clients in refining or improving their current chatbot projects. The person noted that the plan could help chatbot creators to use a response suggestion feature, which could be helpful for call-center agents during customer service calls. This reflects the new capability of Microsoft Viva Sales, which can now suggest AI-generated, recipient-relevant email content to sellers.

ChatGPT is still pretty limited in terms of the information it can produce since its training only goes up until 2021. However, the plan will reportedly allow chatbots launched with Microsoft’s business ChatGPT service to have current information and the ability to cite sources. As CNBC noted, this is not available in the current ChatGPT version. Nonetheless, this feature was leaked earlier in the reports showing the new version of ChatGPT-supported Bing.

The plan includes the tools for clients to help them estimate and limit spending when operating the chatbots, added the person. Additionally, future enterprise customers will also be allowed to upload their own data, refine the voice of their chatbots, and even customize their message prompt for users before interacting with their custom chatbots.

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