Microsoft Will Prompt New Xbox One Owners To Select Their Energy Saving Profile During Set Up

Xbox Energy Saving

Microsoft today announced that new Xbox One owners around the world will be prompted with the choice between Energy saving mode and Instant-on in the initial console set-up process. Current Xbox One owners can easily make changes to their power consumption choices now in Settings under Power & start up.

By providing multiple power states in Xbox One and empowering our fans with choice, we sought to balance energy efficiency and functionality. At the same time, we know many Xbox One fans are vigilant about their household’s energy consumption; after all, environmental leadership often begins at home.

It was that same personal leadership that drove our teams in the product design phase to maximize computational power per watt and drive significant improvements in how power is used in Xbox One. Even though the Xbox One is significantly more powerful with more feature functionality than Xbox 360, at launch it used about the same amount of power. This is possible because of the scalable architecture in Xbox One where it uses only the power it needs at the moment for the task at hand.

But we didn’t stop there: Our commitment to innovation continued. As we demonstrated with Xbox 360, we improved power consumption over time and we are doing the same with Xbox One. Since Xbox One launched, we’ve reduced the power consumed while in Instant-on by a third. At Microsoft, sustainability is core to our business practices—we continue to work to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services, and we are committed to carbon neutrality as a company.

Source: Xbox