Microsoft will no longer include Windows Maps and Movies and TV apps on Windows 11 PCs

November 1, 2023
Microsoft Windows Maps Windows 11

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Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25987 to the Canary Channel. Starting with this build, Microsoft will no longer pre-install Windows Maps and Movies and TV apps on Windows 11 PCs. When you clean install Windows 11 OS starting with Build 25987, these two apps will not be installed by default on the PC. However, these two apps will be available and updated via Microsoft Store.

During setup (OOBE), when you need to connect to a network, there is an option to install WiFi drivers using the new “Install Drivers” button. You can notice this change when you install the ISO for Build 25977.

In File Explorer, you can now view and edit metadata of PNG files. You can set a star rating in Properties, edit the description, or add keywords.

Finally, Microsoft has redesigned the settings page for Delivery Optimization under Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Delivery Optimization to match the Windows 11 design principles.

You can find more details about this Windows 11 build here.


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