Microsoft will help choose the best Surface for you

Microsoft now has a whole family of Surface laptops aimed at everyone from the most versatile of users, to those who prefer the regular clamshell design of the typical laptop. After launching its new Surface devices, the firm also launched a mini-site which helps you figure out which Surface laptop you want, the most versatile one, the ultimate one, or the most powerful one.

The site gives you a  brief questionnaire, mainly focused on what you’re looking for in a computer. Naturally, if you choose versatility, you’ll almost always be guided towards a Surface Pro, if you choose power but choose a 12.3-inch screen you’re similarly be guided towards a Surface Laptop and so on. This site is useful for buyers who are generally unaware of the specifics of the Surface line, less so if you’re well versed and voraciously consume rumours and news on specs and revenue and the like.

If you have already decided about the Surface you need, check them out at Microsoft Store using the below links,

That being said, which Surface laptop is best for your needs? Surface Pro, Laptop or Book? Let us know in the comments below.

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