Microsoft warns businesses time is running out for Skype

by Surur
February 4, 2021
Microsoft Skype for Business

In a blog post, Microsoft has warned Skype for Business is running on borrowed time, and that those who have not completed the migration to Microsoft Teams only have a limited time left.

“In six months, access to Skype for Business Online will end,” Microsoft bluntly notes. “Though we’re getting a bit nostalgic about what’s going away, it’s easy to see how much more organizations can do with Teams.”

Microsoft announced the termination of Skype for Business eighteen months ago, in 2019, and companies have until July 31, 2021, to get their affairs in order.

Microsoft has been encouraging companies to make the slow migration since them, by running dual installations with overlapping functionality and gradually moving users and workloads as their organization is ready.  Those users should prepare to complete the switch before the termination date.

Some companies have not started the switchover at all. Microsoft notes:

Some organizations may not be far along in the Teams upgrade planning process. It’s understandable as the events of the past year have impacted strategies, priorities, and resources for so many. Don’t worry, you still have time.

Microsoft is suggesting it is possible to switch over in a matter of months, but Microsoft suggests “you to begin planning today.

In their blog post, Microsoft suggests a number of resources to get up and running, and also that some users are eligible for an automatic switchover.

If you are a CTO and your company is still using Skype for Business, check out the resources at Microsoft here.

via TechRadar

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