Microsoft wants your feedback on the Windows 10 Game Bar

by Ash
July 8, 2019

Microsoft is launching a special User Research session in order to find out what you, the user, think of the Windows 10 Game Bar.

The User Research session will be active between 9:30 AM-11:30 PM PDT on the 9th of July. During that time, you can talk to Microsoft engineers about your experience with Game Bar, and let them know exactly what you think about the feature.

Alternatively, you may be given a pop-up like the one below when you have Game Bar active. In that case, you can just fill out the feedback box.

You can also give Microsoft feedback on giving them feedback. Feedbackception.

All you need to take part in the online session is a functional internet browser. Microsoft say that each conversation should run around 5-10 minutes, but may go on for longer if there’s more you want to discuss.

None of your call will be recorded or stored. The calls are also completely anonymous, so you don’t need to give out any identifying information during them.

You might also be asked about your experiences with other Microsoft products along with your thoughts on new design ideas.

When the call’s over, there’s a chance that you’ll be directed to a Microsoft website to join Game Bar’s customer research panel. This is completely optional.

If you want to let Microsoft know your opinions on the service, you can follow the link here and download the calendar invite in order to let your thoughts be heard.

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