Microsoft wants to bring full Windows.Gaming.Input API support to Chromium on Windows 10 and Windows 10X

With more and more gaming moving online via browser streaming, there is an increased need for support of dedicated controllers in browsers.

Chrome already has the Gamepad JavaScript API, but Microsoft is looking to add full support for the Windows.Gaming.Input API as an alternative back-end to allow greater support for the dedicated hardware on controllers, such as the rumble triggers on the Xbox One gamepad, and paddles on the Elite controllers.

Microsoft has therefore raised a feature request on the Chromium developer forum for updating the Gamepad Javascript API in Chromium to add support for Windows.Gaming.Input (WGI) as another backend other than XInput, arguing that it would support a wider range of modern gamepad devices on Windows 10.

They also note that low-level APIs like Raw Input would not be supported on WCOS devices, while the Windows.Gaming.Input API would work on both Windows Desktop (win32 apps) and Windows 10X.

It would also bring other advantages such as providing support for P&P (Plug-and-Play) notifications.

The work to add the API has already been started by Microsoft, but it, of course, remains to be seen if it will be merged into the Chromium codebase, which would ultimately bring full gamepad support to Chrome, Edge, Opera and many more Chromium-based browsers.

via WindowsLatest

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