Microsoft ups the stakes in Smoked by Windows Phone challenge to $1000


Likely in an effort to create more material for advertising purposes, and of course to create legendary buzz, Microsoft has raised the stakes in their Smoked by Windows Phone challenges running at their Microsoft stores.

According to the Verge, now if your phone is actually faster than a Windows Phone at completing a task, you walk away with a Hunger Games Special Edition PC, valued at over $1000.  Given that the reps doing the demoes are going to be getting pretty fast however I think they will not be losing a lot.

However it’s if you lose where it gets interesting.  Even if your phone is slower (as the vast majority will be) Microsoft will still offer to swap your current iPhone or Android handset for a modern  Windows Phone (excluding a Nokia Lumia 800 however) without any contract.

Contestants will be asked to sign a release form to use their story in future advertising and are allowed only one attempt.

The $1,000 Windows Phone challenge starts today, as part of The Hunger Games opening weekend, and will end on March 26th.

So if a relative has a decrepit Android handset, you can upgrade the phone for free at Microsoft for the next three days.  What are you waiting for?

Thanks Mike for the tip.