Microsoft updates Microsoft Teams for Android with 911 “fix”

by Surur
December 11, 2021
Microsoft Teams mobile apps

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We reported two days ago that due to an interaction between Microsoft Teams for Android and the OS itself, under certain conditions users would have difficulty making 911 calls.

Microsoft is at pains to note that Microsoft Teams is not responsible, but that the underlying issue was with Android.

In a statement the company said:

“We are aware of Google’s plans to roll-out an Android platform update in January. We are working on an update to our own application to avoid triggering the underlying Android operating system issue. We are collaborating closely with Google to resolve this unintended interaction.”

As the statement notes however, Microsoft was planning to release a version of the app which does not trigger the condition.

A new version of the app, version 1416/, is now available for the OS, and while the changelog only notes “View all events for the day to quickly see your free and busy slots at a glance.” Mishaal Rahman, former Editor-in-Chief of XDA-Developers, has confirmed it does also fix the trigger for the 911 issue.

He writes:

Microsoft has started to roll out version 1416/ of the Teams app. This version resolves the issue with the spawning of too many duplicate PhoneAccounts, and it also calls the clearPhoneAccounts method of TelecomManager at first launch to clear all PhoneAccounts it previously created. This means you don’t need to uninstall and reinstall Teams — just update to the new version!

Google is also planning to release a patch, like in January, but in the meantime installing the new version of Microsoft Teams will correct the issue well enough for now.

Find the new version of Microsoft Teams in the Store here.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
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