Microsoft updates its Dev Center with Multi-user and more


Microsoft has updated its Dev Center for the month of December with lots of new features including multi-user support, Windows Store APIs, access to Azure and Office programs, in-app purchase discounts, more effective store lists, and an update to the Windows App Certification Kit. Below you can find a brief description of each of these new features.

  • Multi-user access with roles: support multiple users in a single account, with permissions controlled through user roles – this is one of the most voted for features in user voice, and is available now in all Dev Center accounts
  • Windows Store APIs: validate apps or in-app product acquisitions, useful for cross-platform services, or to add another layer of validation for customer purchases
  • Access to Office and Azure programs: access the Office and Azure developer programs at no extra cost through the Dev Center registration
  • In-app purchase discounts: schedule IAP price discounts for apps running on Windows 10
  • More effective Store lists: The Store is updating the algorithms for the “New and Rising” and “Best Rated” lists to be able to show more apps than before
  • Update to the Windows App Certification Kit: with additional validation tests for UWP app submissions

Microsoft is always looking for feedback to provide better experiences and more features, and they advise users to utilize the FeedBack button on the bottom right of the of the Dev Center, and request new features using UserVoice.

Click here for more detailed uses for these new features.