Microsoft updates the Emoji keyboard in latest Windows 10 Insider Build

In Windows 1o Build 17046 for PC Microsoft introduced a number of usability improvements, including improvements to the Emoji touch keyboard on Windows 10.

The keyboard will now suggest more emojis for typed words such as such as unicorn, kiwi, artist, or turtle. The feature is supported in a number of different languages (which has also been expanded) with a primary candidate will be listed in the candidate list, and any secondary candidates will be listed in the candidate list once you tap the emoji button.

Updated Emojis data are available for over 150 languages including: Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Danish (Denmark), German (Germany), Greek (Greece), English (Great Britain), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Finnish (Finland), French (France), Hebrew (Israel), Hindi (India), Italian (Italy), Dutch (Netherlands), Norwegian (Norway), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian (Russia), Swedish (Sweden), and Turkish (Turkey).

Microsoft notes that to see the emoji predictions as you type in a particular language, as well as typing predictions, you will need to have the optional typing feature applied for that language. It should download on its own as long as you have internet connection when you add the language to your language list, or once you connect to the internet thereafter. If you’re not seeing predictions and have internet connectivity, try removing the language and then adding it back again.

Based on your feedback, we’re adjusting the design of the Emoji Panel so that after opening up the panel by pressing hotkey Windows logo key + “.” or “;”, you could browse, search and then select more than one emoji.

The Emoji panel now also allows users to insert more than one Emoji at a time. The panel is available on the en-US keyboard and can be opened by pressing the Windows logo key + “.” or “;”, and will now only be dismissed when clicking the X button or pressing the escape key, rather than closing automatically after an emoji is selected.

For the other improvements in Windows 1o Build 17046 for PC read more here.

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