Microsoft Translator announces the world’s first personal universal translator

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Microsoft Translator team today announced the new personal universal translator, a new service that translates in-person conversations in real time with up to 100 speakers using their own smartphone, tablet, or PC. It allows users to communicate in different languages face to face using their own language on their own device.

The new personal universal translator can be used for a variety of real world scenarios:

  • Be part of the conversation: Join a conversation regardless of your language. Chat.  Share experiences. Make a connection.
  • Immerse as you travel: Interact with ease when traveling internationally. Meet locals. Make new friends.
  • Present to a wider audience: Break the languages barrier and make your message heard by everyone in the room.
  • Make everyone feel welcome: Greet anyone regardless of the language they speak. Provide people with needed information.

The Microsoft Translator live preview feature is available now in the Microsoft Translator apps for Windows, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire. It is also available online at (or through this easy to remember URL: ).