Microsoft To Reveal The New Revamped DVLUP Website Next Week

App Builder DVLUP

Microsoft DVLUP team today announce the launch of our new site next week. They are further integrating DVLUP into Microsoft properties, and vastly improving the experience for developers overall. DVLUP will be part of MSDN. All of your current Points, XP, Badges, Apps, Challenge submissions, Orders, etc will remain linked to your account.

New Features:

  • An updated look and feel to align with Microsoft and MSDN sites.
  • Single Sign-on Integration with MSDN so you can move freely between DVLUP and other MSDN properties.
  • Existing and new users will be required to have a Microsoft account to participate in DVLUP. We will also use this to migrate existing DVLUP login account users to Microsoft accounts to make life simpler.
  • Points and XP history are being introduced. You will be able to see a log of all your Points and XP, to understand what you earned and when.
  • Updates to the Profile page will allow you to see and manage all your Challenges, Badges, Points and XP.
  • And more!

Source: Microsoft

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