Microsoft to offer Teams to its store next month

April 26, 2022

After the promise to bring Teams to its store in 2021, Microsoft is finally making a move to make it possible. The news came out after Neowin discovered the company’s entry to its Microsoft 365 Roadmap update that says: “Microsoft Teams app for work, school and life will soon be available to download from Microsoft store. This app will support work, school and consumer accounts on Windows 10 and Work or school accounts on Windows 11.”

The availability of Teams in the Microsoft Store next month will give Windows 10 and 11 users additional options where to download the communications app since it can only be downloaded from the company’s official website or installed through Office 365.

Once Teams is available in the place, Windows 10 users who don’t have the Teams built into their system can use the regular downloadable program on the store for personal, work, and school accounts. For those who already have the chat app built into their Windows 11, on the other hand, the Teams in the store will be optional. However, this built-in version of Teams only works for a personal account. That being said, Windows 11 users can also get the Teams store version to use the app for work and school accounts.

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