Microsoft to launch “Branded Meetings” feature for Teams users

September 25, 2023

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Microsoft is working on a new feature called “Branded Meetings” for Teams to allow companies to give a unique flavor to the meeting join screen. As the name suggests, the feature will allow companies to use their brand logo and image in the Teams meeting join screen, giving it a personalized touch.

However, there is a catch. The ability to use brand image and logo is available only to Teams Premium users. The Premium subscription costs $7.00 per person monthly. Teams Premium also has an Introductory Pricing Trial, which allows you to try the service for free for one month. You need to sign up for either to use your company’s logo and brand image in the meeting join screen.

Microsoft didn’t describe how users can use their brand logo and images in the meeting join screens. Teams’ rival platform, Zoom, offers its business users the same feature through vanity URLs. And it’s not free in Zoom, either. You’ll need to use a business account that costs $19.99 per host monthly to be able to set the brand image and logo on the meeting join screen in Zoom.

Microsoft will spend nearly a couple of months developing the feature and then launch it this November. However, the November launch timeline is tentative, meaning the company could delay it to a later date if things didn’t turn out the way the company wanted. Again, only Premium subscribers will get the capability.

Microsoft will continue adding new functionalities to Teams Premium to make it worthwhile and compete with rival platforms like Zoom. A couple of months ago, it added two useful features “SMS Notifications in Virtual Appointments Template”, and “Proactive monitoring of meeting quality using Real-time telemetry” to Teams Premium for Desktop, Mac, and web platforms. However, the benefits of being able to use brand image and logo will be available for Teams Premium users only on Desktop and Mac, according to the feature description (ID 164081) on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page.

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