Microsoft To Integrate Adobe Flash In Internet Explorer 10

We all thought Microsoft was on the way to completely abandon plug-ins like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight. It was like Windows 8 on ARM doesn’t support Adobe Flash and Metro Internet Explorer 10 won’t be able to display Flash websites. But now, Microsoft has different plans. They are going to integrate Adobe Flash in Internet Explorer 10 that will ship with Windows 8. Microsoft has worked with Adobe to ensure the Flash code meets its own standards for reliability, compatibility, security, and performance.

From Winsupersite,

So, Microsoft has extended the Internet Explorer Compatibility View list to include rules for popular Flash-based web sites that are known to meet certain criteria. That is, Flash is supported for only those popular but legacy web sites that need it. This feature is not broadly available for all sites.

We are not sure how Microsoft will select those legacy websites? But anyway, consumers won’t mind enjoying flash content on their Windows 8 tablets.

Source: Winsupersite, Winunleaked