The new Microsoft To Do widgets are now available for Apple iOS 14 devices

Microsoft To Do iOS Widgets

In the new iOS 14 update, Apple allows users to add widgets to their home screen. Today, Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft To Do widgets for iOS 14 devices. With the new widgets, you can view your to-do lists from your home screen. Microsoft To Do will allow you to add any of the following three types of widgets.

  • Your Tasks Widget: The Your Tasks widget helps you select and view tasks from a list of your choice. The widget is available in two sizes: the medium widget shows a list of your tasks, while the large widget shows a list of your tasks along with due dates and other details. By default, the Your Tasks widget shows the Tasks list. To change the list it displays, long press on the widget and select Edit Widget, then select your list of choice.
  • My Day Widget: In the My Day widget, you can view the first task on your My Day list. Want to see the rest of your list? Tap anywhere on the widget to open the My Day list in To Do.
  • Add Task Widget: The Add Task widget allows you to quickly add a task to a list of your choice without having to open the To Do app. To add a task, tap anywhere on the widget. To pick which list your task is added to, long press on the widget and select Edit Widget.

You can download the updated Microsoft To Do app here from Apple App Store.