Microsoft To Do for iOS updated with Siri shortcuts support, share extension and more

December 17, 2019

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Microsoft yesterday released an updated To Do app for iPhone and iPad. This v2.7 update comes with support for Siri Shortcuts, Share extension and more.

With the Siri shortcuts support, you will be able to add your own shortcuts for To Do. For example, you can create a shortcut to open a specific list or to add a new task to your To Do list.

With the new To Do share extension, you can save anything to a specific list. For example, you can add a website to your reading list or add a product on Amazon to your shopping list.

With this update, Microsoft has made it easier to reshare your shared lists. Microsoft will add the email addresses of your previous list members.

Finally, To Do app now allows you to turn off notifications for shared lists.

You can download the updated To Do app here from Google Play Store and here from Apple App Store.

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