Microsoft To-Do app updated with Planner integration and support for Flagged emails

Microsoft yesterday announced that two new features are now rolling out to Microsoft To-Do app across platforms.

First, you can now add your flagged emails in your personal Microsoft-hosted account, e.g. Hotmail, Outlook or to To-Do, giving you one unified view of what you need to complete today. To enable this feature, you need to sign in to To-Do with the same account that you use for email.

Second, tasks assigned in Microsoft Planner will now show up in To-Do. Tasks that have been assigned to you will be displayed in a special Assigned to Me list. You will be able to do the following with the Planner tasks in To-Do.

  • Change the name of the task
  • Add, change, or complete checklist items
  • Change the due date
  • Add or change the description (under Add a note)
  • Add the task to My Day in To-Do

Download the latest Microsoft To-Do app to enjoy these features.