Microsoft To Delay Windows Phone Launch To 2012 In China



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Last December Microsoft announced that it will enter into China with Windows Phone in late 2011. But now Microsoft has decided to delay its Windows Phone launch to first half of 2012.

According to Microsoft,

“The delay is to ensure local citizens have a great experience with Windows Phones”, and is working closely with its partners in China to determine through what channels and when Windows Phones will be available regionally.

Microsoft is expecting Chinese handset makers including Lenovo, ZTE , Huawei Technologies and Nokia to help Windows Phone spread in Chinese market. According to Mark Natkin, managing director for Marbridge Consulting,

In China, Microsoft has a strong partner in Nokia, considering that the smartphone vendor has a well-known brand and a far-reaching retail distribution, Natkin said. Microsoft could also choose to target its Windows Phone 7 devices at China’s business users, a segment of the market few smartphone vendors have gone after, he said.

Source: Computer World

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