Microsoft To Add An Option To Bookmark Bing Search Results, Saved Links Accessible Via Mobile Site Too

Bing Save Links For Later

Microsoft always tests new features in Bing with a small set of users, observe usage behavior and then roll out to larger group of users with any needed changes. Today, I got a new feature in the Bing search results page. It is not anything revolutionary, but some users will find it very useful. When you search something on Bing, you will now find a small icon along the sides of each of the search result. You just need to click it once to save it to your personal collection.

Bing Save Links For Later 1And, you can access the saved links by clicking the similar icon which is placed next to your profile name link. Bing Save Links For Later 2

Once you click that, you will be taken to the saved link page as above where you can see all your saved links. Another cool little thing is that, you can access the saved links by going to from your mobile browser. Quite handy stuff right?