Microsoft is testing a new look for OneDrive on Android

September 17, 2017

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Microsoft is testing a new look for OneDrive on Android. The company recently rolled out a new update for OneDrive to some users, which introduces a radically different user interface for the app.

The main big change in the new look for OneDrive is the lack of the traditional hamburger menu. Microsoft is finally ditching the hamburger menu and instead opting for a tabbed navigation bar on the bottom, similar to iOS apps and OneDrive for iOS. The rest of the app, though, looks more of the same. Microsoft did polish all the different parts of the app, and they look slightly different from the old OneDrive design.

There’s also a new Me section within the app where you quickly access all of the files that are available offline, your OneDrive recycle bin, notifications, settings, and more. The user interface for switching between different accounts is also much easier now — all you have to do is click on the profile picture on the header section and you can switch to another account from there.

Overall though, the new look definitely looks a lot less cluttered than the previous design, especially if you have multiple accounts.  It’s important to note that the new look for OneDrive doesn’t seem to be available widely at the time of writing this article. Microsoft seems to be testing it with a small group of users, so we’ll make sure to know once it’s available to everyone.

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