Microsoft testing an improved F11 full screen mode in Edge Canary

by Surur
November 16, 2019
edge canary

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Microsoft is testing an improved full-screen mode in Edge Canary. The current full-screen mode, accessed by pressing F11, does not allow any navigation while in the mode, meaning it has to be exited by pressing the floating X button before anything changing tabs for example.

old edge

This is the same UI as in the Google Chrome browser.

Microsoft’s old Edge browser had a better UI, and now Microsoft is bringing it to Edge Chromium.

edge canary settings

In Edge Canary, at edge://flags/#edge-enable-shy-ui change the Enable Full Screen Dropdown flag and restart the browser.

Now when you navigate to a website and press F11, moving your mouse to the top of the screen causes the usual browser navigation bar to drop down.

full screen edge canary

The improvement is a good example of Microsoft bringing the best of old Edge to a new rendering engine.

At Ignite, Microsoft announced the availability of the release candidate of the new Microsoft Edge for Windows and macOS. Microsoft also mentioned that the new Microsoft Edge will be generally available on Jan. 15 in more than 90 languages. Unlike the existing Edge browser, the new Microsoft Edge is powered by the same Chromium web engine that powers Google’s Chrome browser, so it will deliver great web compatibility and performance.

Hopefully, after the improved full screen mode in Edge,  Microsoft will also consider bringing a finger-friendly tablet-focussed UI to their new browser also, which should win instant fans from touch-screen users.


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