Microsoft temporarily improves the internet by disabling MSN comments

Microsoft has just made the internet a much nicer place by removing the comment functionality on MSN News.

Now users who open the comment box of the MSN News app will be met with the following message.

MSN has temporarily removed commenting on our websites while we explore better ways for you to engage in discussion on the issues you care about.

While one might be tempted to make a “Free speech” argument against the comment restriction (hint: it doesn’t any more than not allowing your neighbours to discuss politics in your garden restricts their free speech), or wonder about the loss of interaction of stories, the truth is that MSN comments were a cesspool of meanness long before Microsoft closed them. Commenters would frequently lob vicious insults at each other, sometimes even attacking MSN (Which doesn’t write news stories), or spreading baseless conspiracy theories (no the earth is not flat, and this should not be up for debate in 2017).

Interestingly enough, comments on articles pointing out that MSN comments were closed were enough to demonstrate that nothing of value was lost.

If you’re interested in the debate on comment sections, this brief post should enlighten you.

WIth MSN being the homepage of many Windows 10 Edge users, making the news articles kinder and gentler should improve the experience for many,

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