Microsoft Teams will soon support streaming to Twitch (and YouTube)

by Surur
June 16, 2021
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While streaming your company’s meeting to Twitch may not be on the top of the agenda for most people, today’s news means Microsoft will have made that just a bit easier.

Today the Microsoft 365 roadmap was updated with the news that Teams will soon support the RTMP protocol.

Microsoft writes:

Microsoft Teams: RTMP Streaming Support

Enables support for your users to stream their Teams meetings to large audiences through RTMP, including endpoints outside your organization.

Streamers will know RTMP is an open standard which allows applications to connect to streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.  Native support means cutting-edge companies can do away with intermediate software such as OBS (Open Broadcast Software) or xSplit, and work seamlessly with the other platforms.

Admins will not have long to wait – Microsoft says to expect the feature in July 2021.

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