Microsoft Teams will soon automatically detect music to make it easier to share your party


30, 2021

Microsoft Teams includes a powerful automatic noise suppression feature which is enabled by default for most users. This means any background noise, including music playing in your environment, will be automatically removed from your speech or presentation.

Sometimes this may be undesirable, such as when you are streaming a party or church service for example. Microsoft includes a high-fidelity music mode that streams your own sound, including all background sounds, in high quality, but users need to remember to enable it.

To avoid suppressing music and to allow users to enable the new high-fidelity music mode, Microsoft has built a machine learning-based music detector that will inform the user whenever music is present through a notification.

Clicking on the High fidelity mode button will enable high fidelity music mode.

This will give the user the choice of whether music is indeed an unwanted background noise, such as when calling into a meeting from a coffee shop, or if music is a desired signal, such as when participating in a music lesson.

The new feature will begin rolling out to the Microsoft Teams Desktop client to Standard users in late January, and GCC, GCC-H and DOD users should have all received it by late April.

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