Microsoft Teams to get improved AI-based real-time noise suppression



Microsoft has announced a new feature on their roadmap for Microsoft Teams.

Expected in November this year, Microsoft is releasing a new AI-based noise suppression which will be even better than the current version at removing unwelcome background noise.

Microsoft writes:

Microsoft Teams: AI-based noise suppression

AI-based, real-time noise suppression, will be added to Microsoft Teams. This feature will automatically remove unwelcome background noise during your meetings. AI-based noise suppression works by analyzing an individual’s audio feed and using specially trained deep neural networks to filter out the noise and retain only the speech signal.  This is an update to the existing noise suppression. Users will now have control over how much noise suppression they want. The “High” setting is new and will suppress more background noise.

Google recently announced the same feature, which can be seen demonstrated in video below:

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Seeing Microsoft announce the same feature so soon shows just how serious Microsoft is about competing with other remote work solutions.

The feature is expected to be generally available in only a few weeks.

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