Microsoft Teams now allows you to instantly pop out chat into a separate window

May 29, 2020

pop out chat

Pop out chat window is a feature that a lot of users were asking Microsoft to bring to the Microsoft Teams. The UserVoice page of Microsoft Teams also corroborates the same story. Microsoft Teams developers earlier confirmed that they’ve already started working to enable the Pop out chat feature. Microsoft started testing this feature in late 2019. After several months of testing, Microsoft has now announced that pop out chat is now available for all Microsoft Teams users.

You can instantly pop out your one-on-one or group chat into a separate window. Then, resize, reposition, or close the window as you wish. You can pop out multiple conversations, but not the same chat twice.

There are several ways to launch a pop out chat window, read about them below.

  • Go to the top right corner of the chat and select Pop out chat.
  • Double-click the profile picture of the person you want to have a conversation.!
  • Type /pop in the command box at the top of Teams. Pick the chat you want to pop out.
  • When you hover over one of your chats, you’ll see Pop out chat option.
  • Select Chat icon on the left side of Teams to open the chat list. Find the name of the chat you want. Then, select More options > Pop out chat.

Are you a Microsoft Teams user? Are you interested in the pop out chat feature on Teams? Do let us know in the comments below.

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