Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to pop out a chat window just like Skype

by Rahul
July 19, 2019

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Pop out chat window is a feature that a lot of users were asking Microsoft to bring to the Microsoft Teams. The UserVoice page of Microsoft Teams also corroborates the same story. Microsoft Teams developers earlier confirmed that they’ve already started working to enable the Pop out chat feature. However, we didn’t know anything beyond that, until now.

We now know what the Pop out chat UI looks like, thanks to Jenny Ferries.

However, we couldn’t find anything as such even in the latest update of Microsoft Teams, so it’s likely that the feature is still in development and currently not available for the public.

I’ve reached out to Microsoft to clarify whether the feature has been rolled out to the public but I’m yet to receive anything concrete from them.

Are you a Microsoft Teams user? Do you have the option to enable pop out chat on Teams? Do let us know in the comments below.

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