Microsoft Teams Noise Suppression coming to the Mac soon

by Surur
April 24, 2021
noise cancellation on mac

Microsoft has announced that the Microsoft Teams background noise suppression feature, which rolled out to Microsoft Teams for Windows in November 2020, will soon be coming to macOS users also.

The feature offers AI-based real-time nouse suppression and will automatically remove background noise from your meetings.

noise cancellation on mac

Users can set the noise suppression level before a meeting. Once changed, the setting applies to the next call.

The four settings are Auto (default), Low, High, and Off.

  • Low is designed for persistent background noise like an air conditioner, computer fan, or music.
  • (New) High suppresses all background sound that is not speech; this setting uses more computer resources and is not available to Apple M1-powered Macs.
  • Off disables the noise suppression feature.
  • When left on the default setting, Auto, the Teams app sets noise suppression based on ambient sound.

They are accessible from the profile image > Settings prior to a meeting and from More options … > Device settings during a meeting.

The feature is rolling out now to macOS users now, and the roll-out will complete by late August.

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