Microsoft Teams has become an increasingly popular tool due to the COVID-19-led disruptions. Besides employees, students worldwide are benefitting from tools like Teams as educational institutions remain shut. Microsoft is also aware of the growing usage of its collaboration tool and is adding many useful new features to help students be more productive.

Students have been asking for a feature that integrates assignments with the Calendar since 2017. And after almost four years, the software giant has finally managed to take time to add the feature to Teams. On the Microsoft Teams UserVoice page, Microsoft has informed that the ability to add assignments to the Calendar has been rolled out.

Microsoft Teams

As the name suggests, the feature will let students add their assignments to the Calendar based on the due date and due time. This comes in handy especially when you’re in multiples classes. Prior to this, the only way to know about the assignments was by going to the Assignment tab within that class. Needless to say, this isn’t the smartest way of finding your assignments, and this is where the assignment integration with the Calendar will help students.

Microsoft discussed this new feature in great detail in this post. Make sure to check it out.

Microsoft Teams is currently working on a lot of new features to help both teachers and students. The company is currently working on a feature that will let students privately message teachers but not each other. Also, the company recently rolled out the ability to download a list of users who attended a meeting, thus helping teachers keeping an eye on students’ attendance reports. You can know more about Microsoft Teams here.

If you’re a student/ teacher and are using Teams., what features you want Microsoft to add to the platform? Let us know down in the comments.