Microsoft Teams desktop clients to get spatial audio support soon

March 13, 2023

Microsoft is hard at work to improve the Teams experience across all platforms. In fact, the software giant is expected to launch the so-called Teams 2.0 this month to showcase what it has improved in the new version. But besides performance improvements, it is also working on a new audio feature for Teams desktop clients.

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on spatial audio support for Teams desktop clients, including Mac and Windows. By bringing spatial audio support to Teams, Microsoft is hoping to make online meetings more natural and inclusive. When enabled in a Teams meetings, participants will meet like they are there together.

It is also worth noting that you will need an audio device that supports spatial audio in order to take advantage of the feature in Teams. Headphones with spatial audio support are premium. Some of the audio devices supporting it include Sony WH-1000XM5, AirPods Max, Galaxy Buds Pro, and to name a few. If your computer hardware is old, you should also check whether your PC supports spatial audio before buying a premium headset that supports it.

“Spatial Audio brings next-generation spatialized audio to Teams, where you can meet like you’re there together. This intelligent audio technology makes the meeting experience more natural, inclusive and focused for everyone,” Microsoft described on the 365 roadmap page. The software giant has assigned a feature ID 107783 for the support of spatial audio in Teams. The roadmap page also says the new audio feature will be available to Teams desktop clients in May.

If you are using Microsoft Teams, what do you think about the spatial audio capability coming to Teams in the next couple of months? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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