Microsoft takes on Slack Shared Channels with the new Microsoft Teams Connect feature

March 2, 2021
Microsoft Teams Connect

Microsoft Teams Connect

Back in 2017, Slack announced Shared Channels feature that allowed teams to invite members from another organization into their own Slack. At Ignite, Microsoft today announced a similar feature called Microsoft Teams Connect.

Microsoft Teams Connect will enable organizations to collaborate easily with customers, partners, suppliers or other external parties through shared channels, is now in private preview. Microsoft Teams features such as chat, meetings, app collaboration and real-time document co-authoring will be available in shared channels while maintaining control over how users access data and information.

  • With shared channels, users can add individuals to a single channel rather than to an entire team.
  • Each shared channel will appear within a user’s primary Teams tenant alongside existing teams and channels, providing convenient access within their current flow of work.

Microsoft Teams Connect is now in private preview and it will be generally available later this year.

Source: Microsoft

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