Microsoft take note: This is how to manage Surface Book specs inside a Surface Laptop(concept)


19, 2019

Microsoft has contributed immensely to the PC hardware business with its Surface line-up. Surface devices offer great hardware and have something unique for everyone – artists, students, gamers, literally everyone. This is not an easy job and always comes at a cost. You can take Surface Book as an example – powerful but bulky.

Ceteris paribus, if designer Yonghwan Kim becomes the Chief Product Officer at Microsoft he would probably pursue a design that brings best from both the world – powerful yet thin and light. Designer Kim already has something interesting in mind.

He envisioned an ultrabook namely, ‘Microsoft XYV’ that is thin, light, as powerful as high-end desktop PCs. The designer introduced a new accessory called ‘graphics-reinforcer dock’ which will take care of the performance. Inside the dock, you will find an improved cooling mechanism, external graphics card, power supply, ethernet port, USB-C port, and a few USB-3.0.

Microsoft XYV laptop sits on the ‘graphics-reinforcer dock’ which in turn enables you to type much like that you do on an ergonomic keyboard. You can check out the below gallery for a closer look.

Source: YD

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