Microsoft Take Note: It’s worth taking inspiration from this Surface VR Headset

by Rahul
June 1, 2019

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Although Microsoft joined the VR bandwagon, the company never released its own VR headset like HP, and Lenovo. The focus was only on the HoloLens, which by the way, is not available for the consumers to buy.

Whether Microsoft is considering developing its own Surface-branded VR headsets or not is unknown. But, there’s no harm in tinkering with the design. And if that’s what Microsoft is doing then designer Max Dahl might guide the Redmond giant in developing a cool looking Surface VR Headset.

The first thing you’ll notice in the Max Dahl-designed Surface VR is the Microsoft logo, which looks exactly like the one you see on the Surface products. Max’s Surface VR has two cameras. Oddly enough, these two cameras are far apart from each other and placed at the extreme left and right. Don’t ask me! Only the designer knows the answer.

The content viewing experience seems quite, it has buttons, and trackpads so that you don’t feel the need of wanting a remote, ever!

What’s your take on this design of Surface VR? Did you like it? Do you want Microsoft to make Surface-branded VR Headset? Sound off in the comments section below.

Via: YD

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