Microsoft suspends Windows 10 1903 Update for Surface Book 2 due to the dGPU issue

Last month we reported that Surface Book 2 is having issues with the latest Windows 10 1903 update. At the time of reporting, we had noticed complains on Reddit and Twitter surrounding the GPU on Surface Book 2.

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and as a result, the 1903 update has been suspended for Surface Book 2 owners. Microsoft has updated its support document (via Windows Latest) to reflect the change and has marked the GPU issue as a known issue. The bug affects only the Surface Book 2 with Nvidia’s discrete Graphics Processing Unit (dGPU).

For users who have already updated their laptops, head to the Device Manager and click on ‘Scan for hardware changes’ to fix the issue. If that doesn’t solve the problem then rollback to 1809 until the issue has been resolved.

Microsoft hasn’t provided us with a timeline so we can’t comment on when it will be solved but the company has requested users not to force the update using Media Tool or other means until the issue is solved.

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